Christ The Rock Christian Fellowship
Christ The Rock Christian Fellowship, Yate, Bristol

Speaker - George Baxter

Recorded on 25th Sept 2016 @ YIA

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Speaker - Marcus Binder

Recorded on 18th Sept 2016 @ YIA

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Speaker - George Baxter

Recorded on 4th Sept 2016 @ YIA

Speaker - Jason Rogers

Recorded on 14th Aug 2016 @ YIA

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Speaker - Rachel Woolcomb

Recorded on 31st Jul 2016 @ YIA

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Speaker - George Baxter

Recorded on 17th Jul 2016 @ YIA

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Speaker - Mission Sunday

Recorded on 10th Jul 2016 @ YIA

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Speaker - Rod Whiting

Recorded on 3rd Jul 2016 @ YIA

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Speaker - Rob Scott-Cook

Recorded on 12th Jun 2016 @ YIA

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Speaker - Gordon Molyneux

Recorded on 29th May 2016 @ YIA

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